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Our humble beginnings

FreePriceAlerts® is a consumer shopping price engine owned and operated by myVBO. myVBO, founded in 2008, is a cloud-based solution for business that combines business reports, purchasing functionality and social media in one unified interface. was born out of the technology we use to power myVBO's purchasing engine.

FreePriceAlerts® has a dedicated team of software engineers and product marketing specialist who are working hard and having fun continually improving the FreePriceAlerts® user experience and finding you the best deals on the products you are interested in. Our goal is to give you the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision without having to search for it. We look forward to your feedback on how we can continue to make FreePriceAlerts® the best way to shop and save. ---Bob Wilkins

Our team

  • Robert Wilkins, CEO

    Robert Wilkins is an executive entrepreneur who actively consults for small to large companies with needs in the areas of growth strategy, organizational planning and visionary marketing. Before launching FreePriceAlerts® and myVBO, Bob spent 11 years as Executive Vice President with PC Connection, a Fortune 1000 reseller of high tech equipment. Prior to his employment with PC Connection, Bob founded two high-tech companies of his own, both which grew to be significant players in the PC direct marketing industry before being sold. He also holds two technology patents, two game patents, and has three patents pending for a software product he developed, currently being sold and marketed by one of his two existing companies. Mr. Wilkins has over 29 years’ experience marketing and selling products to consumer and business customers. He enjoys travel, golfing, skiing, football, and a great baseball game in the August heat.

  • Allen Baum, Chief Revenue Officer

    Allen Baum is an entrepreneur and new business development veteran with over 20 years of experience in strategic partnerships and sales. Before joining as CRO, Allen was the Founder and CEO at FanBand Music, a new social platform for artists and fans that he recently sold into a larger venture. He has held senior business development and sales roles at audio ad network TargetSpot, Slacker Internet Radio and Ruckus, a college music service that was acquired in 2008 by Total Music, a joint venture between Sony and Universal. He has held lead management positions at The Health Central Network (now Remedy Health), Quigo (now part of AOL) and Miva. Previously, Allen served as the Director of Corporate Development at Lycos since its inception, where he was the top revenue producer, creating an excess of $200M in partnerships and helped lead to the sale of Lycos to Terra Networks in 2000 for $5.4B.

  • Andrew Curioso, VP Engineering

    Andrew is a software engineer, innovator, and author. He is an established expert in PHP and Javascript technologies with multiple publication in the field and a decade of experience. Above all things, Andrew prides himself on outside-the-box thinking and pushing the perceived limits of technology. Andrew has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA where he studied core software engineering tenets as well as bio-medical engineering, bio-informatics, and computer graphics. He is the author of Shortcut: Ajax with PHP5 which was published in 2007 by O'Reilly Media and has also been translated to French. He is also the lead author of Expert PHP and MySQL which was plublished in 2010 by Wiley under the Wrox label. Andrew has given presentations on technology in both the United States and South Korea.

  • Jonathan Hampson, VP Business Development

    Jonathan is focused on all aspects of business development and has a proven record as a leader and innovator. Early in his career, after obtaining an MBA, he was instrumental in the expansion of one of the first mail order computer software and hardware companies in the industry. He then went on to manage and consult for a host of start-up ventures from technology companies to landscape firms. As his expertise developed, his consulting engagements expanded into international sales and marketing, developing the first web presence for the largest Precious Metals Minting facility in Australia. Jonathan has circumnavigated the globe on many occasions developing and expanding business for a variety of firms and lines of business.

    Jonathan also spent over 12 years as Director of International Sales for the Microsoft Developer Network Magazine and related online properties and events. Jonathan is actively involved in his community as an on-call firefighter and currently serves as an Agricultural Commissioner. Jonathan enjoys time with his family, skiing and outdoor activities.

  • Philip J. Kubat, Jr., VP Technology

    Philip J. Kubat, Jr., is a seasoned technologist skilled in bringing together people, processes and technology to create a competitive business advantage for his organizations, as well as their customers. Philip ensures technology leads the way in expanding the business, so our remote database administrators are providing the most robust, efficient, scalable and cost-effective service possible.

    Prior to joining us, Kubat was Chief Technology Officer at CBE Technologies, a leading provider of managed information technologies to the government, commercial, health care and education sectors.

    Also, Philip founded and served as president of OdiOne Technology Group, a provider of fully managed and hosted IT services delivered as a single "Desktop Suite" to emerging growth and small- to medium-sized businesses. In 2000, technology magazine Red Herring selected OdiOne to present at the prestigious Venture Market East Forum. The next year, OdiOne merged with CBE Technologies.

  • Scott Spangenberg, Data Scientist

    Scott has developed software for every application domain from games and accounting to telecomm, development tools, and medical images using a wide variety of languages and operating systems as well as the web and the cloud. A dedicated student of software architecture, software quality, development process, mathematical analysis, medical image processing, he has contributed directly to software development for over 300 released products. Scott has a BS in Math & Physics from the University of New Hampshire. When not working or thinking about work, he balances reading a broad spectrum of subjects with outdoor pursuits such as birding, nature photography, canoeing, hiking, and skiing.

  • Nate Perry, Web Software Engineer

    Nate Perry is a software engineer and a Jack of All Trades in the development world. He started his career working on .NET and soon learned Perl. From there, he continued on to iOS development and fell in love with Ruby. Since working at FreePriceAlerts, he has been putting all his knowledge to good use, along with consistently learning and growing. He has helped create web applications, APIs, an IE extension, and an iPad application for FreePriceAlerts. Nate loves the creative expression in software development, along with Studio Ghibli movies.

  • Eric London, Software Engineer

    Eric is a software engineer with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He has a background primarily in PHP and Ruby as well as other coding language. He attended the University of New Hampshire and the University of Massachusetts in Lowell and studied computer science major. Eric manages backend API and systems development and additionally works on LAMP development, Rails, Solr, and systems integration. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, hiking and spending time with his wife and son.

  • Cy Tidd, Software Engineer

    Cy is a software engineer and digital artist, with 16 years of experience and 8 programming languages under his belt. Despite all of his experience, he loves to constantly learn and master new technology. Cy attended New Hampshire Technical Institute where he studied Animation and Graphic Game Programming. His personal motto is "to put forth one's best effort or none at all," which holds true for all the work he continues to do for us at FreePriceAlerts. In his spare time he enjoys writing, hiking and trooping with the 501st Legion.

  • Guru Subedi, Software Engineer

    Guru is a software engineer with an eye for detail. He writes intricate code to ensure our customers are always getting the best price when shopping online. He is currently working towards his Master’s Degree in Information Technology at Southern New Hampshire University. Guru has a background in web applications development and uses his extensive knowledge to make sure our pricing is 100% accurate. In his spare time, Guru likes photography and getting involved in his local community.

  • Jason Bell, Software Engineer

    Jason spent eight years as a member of the USAF. His initial assignment following graduation from the USAF Computer Systems School was to Rhein-Main AB in Germany where he developed several custom software solutions to support the humanitarian relief efforts in the former nation of Yugoslavia. In 1995, Jason was transferred to the Pentagon Telecommunications Center to assist in the transition from the current military messaging infrastructure to a more modern decentralized system (DMS) being developed primarily by Lockheed-Martin and the National Security Agency. Upon his departure, Jason was awarded the USAF Commendation Medal.

  • Samantha Peterson, Director of Sales

    Samantha is our Director of Sales with a “never quit” attitude and boundless energy. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and majored in Marketing from Creighton University in Omaha, NE. She is an Affiliate Marketing Veteran, with experience in both the advertiser and publisher sides. At FreePriceAlerts, Samantha assists in the set-up and organization of affiliate network and advertiser partnerships; as well as overseeing social media growth and development. When she’s not busy at work, Samantha is writing a novel in her spare time.

  • Sue Brisson, Director of Partner Relations

    Sue heads our partner relations, working to constantly to expand our network. Sue has 20 years of experience in Business to Business sales and marketing, working in both Fortune 500 and start-up environments. She earned her degree in Marketing from Franklin Pierce University. In her spare time, Sue loves to stay active with running, biking, swimming and in general being outdoors with her family.

  • Tami Milbrandt, Director of Digital Marketing

    Tami is our Director of Digital Marketing with an infectious passion to succeed. She received her B.A. in Economics from the University of Colorado and is continuing to work toward her M.B.A. Tami has a background in online marketing and is a social media expert. Her excellent management skills allow her to come up with the best solutions for every aspect of digital marketing for FreePriceAlerts. In her free time, Tami has made an effort to go on one major adventure a year and thus far has: been skydiving, swam with sharks and climbed two 14,000 foot mountains.

  • Christopher Cover, The Social Media Ninja

    You never know when Christopher is sneaking a photo to put on Instagram or Tweeting some words of wisdom. Stealth is his middle name, but don't be fooled by his laid-back attitude, he gets things done. Christopher is by far the sharpest dresser in the office, and he always lives on the edge: driving fast, posting content faster and not rocking a case on his beloved iPhone. Send him a tweet @FreePriceAlerts, he'll probably get back to you before you even hit send.

  • Joe Hampson, The Visionary

    Joe is one of those think-outside-the-box'ers. His creative nature paired with an unwavering "get-it-done" attitude allows him to be very effective in all of his endeavors. His clever remarks will keep you on your toes and his adventurous spirit runs deep in his veins; some say that he never blinks, and that he roams around the woods at night foraging with wolves. In light of this, however, he is exceptionally approachable and will help out wherever he can. Joe has the uncanny ability to visualize anything, which has proven to be a priceless resource in the design and development of FreePriceAlerts®. You can catch him on Twitter: @internjoe

  • Kaitlin Kilpatrick, Media Magician

    Kaitlin is the David Blaine of Social Media; she will change your views on what is possible. Connecting with customers and putting smiles on faces every day, Kaitlin is a ray of sunshine in a cloud based world. Kaitlin is always on the other end of our social media outlets; unless she is driving her beloved VW Jetta pleasantly named "Greta". Don't expect some lousy card tricks out of Kaitlin, she will amaze you with her ability to levitate your mood with upbeat posts and personal tweets. Give her a shoutout at @FreePriceAlerts she gives great tips and tricks, but a true magician never reveals her secrets.

  • Joelle Carlson, Sales & Marketing Associate

    Joelle is our Sales & Marketing Associate with an incredible heart for people and a winning attitude! Joelle received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a minor in Spanish from Colorado Christian University where she also worked for the Marketing & Development Department for over two years. In just a few months, she has become the critical link between Sales & Marketing at FreePriceAlerts. Joelle was born and raised on a farm in Nebraska (complete with llamas and donkeys) which naturally makes her a Huskers football fan (Go Big Red)! She loves traveling, running, volleyball, hiking in the mountains and piano.

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