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Our humble beginnings

FreePriceAlerts® is a consumer shopping price engine owned and operated by myVBO. myVBO, founded in 2008, is a cloud-based solution for business that combines business reports, purchasing functionality and social media in one unified interface. was born out of the technology we use to power myVBO's purchasing engine.

FreePriceAlerts® has a dedicated team of software engineers and product marketing specialist who are working hard and having fun continually improving the FreePriceAlerts® user experience and finding you the best deals on the products you are interested in. Our goal is to give you the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision without having to search for it. We look forward to your feedback on how we can continue to make FreePriceAlerts® the best way to shop and save. ---Bob Wilkins

    Senior Management

  • Robert Wilkins, CEO

    Robert – or, as we like to call him, Bob – is an executive entrepreneur who actively consults for small to large companies with needs in the areas of growth strategy, organizational planning and visionary marketing. Before launching Ziftr and myVBO, Bob spent 11 years as Executive Vice President with PC Connection, a Fortune 1000 reseller of high tech equipment. Prior to his employment with PC Connection, Bob founded two high-tech companies of his own, both which grew to be significant players in the PC direct marketing industry before being sold. He also holds two technology patents, two game patents and has three patents pending for a software product he developed that’s currently being sold and marketed by one of his two existing companies. Bob has more than 29 years of experience marketing and selling products to consumer and business customers.

    Bob is like the captain of the Ziftr ship, fearlessly steering the team in the right direction and serving as the visionary for all major projects.

    Outside of the office, he enjoys travel, golfing, skiing, football and a great baseball game in the August heat.

  • Andrew Curioso, VP Engineering

    In addition to being an accomplished software engineer, Andrew is an innovator, author and speaker. He’s an established expert in PHP and Javascript technologies with multiple publications in the field – including Shortcut: Ajax with PHP5 and Expert PHP and MySQL – and a decade of experience. He has also given presentations on technology in both the United States and South Korea. Andrew received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA, where he studied core software engineering tenets as well as bio-medical engineering, bio-informatics and computer graphics.

    At Ziftr, Andrew brings his outside-the-box thinking to all projects. He’s a true leader who consistently pushes the perceived limits of technology

    In his spare time, Andrew enjoys playing foosball, reading stories that make him think and participating in the maker movement, which consists of engineering- oriented DIY projects such as robotics, electronics, computer programming and 3-D printing.

  • Jonathan Hampson, VP Business Development

    Jon is a proven leader and innovator with a long history of accomplishments. Shortly after obtaining his MBA, he was instrumental in the expansion of one of the first mail order computer software and hardware companies in the industry. He then went on to manage and consult for a host of start-up ventures from technology companies to landscape firms. As his expertise developed, his consulting engagements expanded into international sales and marketing, developing the first web presence for the largest Precious Metals Minting facility in Australia. Jon has circumnavigated the globe on many occasions developing and expanding business for a variety of firms and lines of business. He also spent over 12 years as Director of International Sales for the Microsoft Developer Network Magazine and related online properties and events.

    Jon focuses on all aspects of business development at Ziftr, bridging the gap between sales, marketing and engineering to make sure that everyone is always on the same page.

    Outside the office, Jon is actively involved in his community as an on-call firefighter and currently serves as an Agricultural Commissioner. He enjoys time with his family, skiing and outdoor activities.

  • Erin Griffiths, VP Creative Direction

    Erin has worked in interactive design since 1997 and been instrumental in redesigns for clients such as Martha Stewart, This Old House and New York Magazine. She received her Bachelor of Science in Magazine Journalism from Syracuse University with a minor in Information Science.

    At Ziftr, Erin oversees all creative output, ensuring each and every piece of work is elegant, strategic and meets the highest usability standards.

    In her off hours, Erin loves to read, cook and craft, but in truth spends most her time trying to understand what her 6-year-old is telling her about Minecraft.

  • Technology

  • Scott Spangenberg, Data Scientist

    Think of an application domain and we can guarantee you Scott has developed software for it: games, accounting, telecomm, development tools, medical images. He’s proficient in a wide variety of languages and operating systems – as well as the web and the cloud. A dedicated student of software architecture, software quality, development process, mathematical analysis, medical image processing, he has contributed directly to software development for over 300 released products. Scott has a BS in Math & Physics from the University of New Hampshire.

    Scott maintains the Ziftr databases, processing offer feeds to ensure that our customers always have the most accurate product information. Additionally, he performs backend database work, analyzing the data that we collect to identify trends.

    When not working or thinking about work, he balances reading a broad spectrum of subjects with outdoor pursuits such as birding, nature photography, canoeing, hiking, and skiing.

  • Nate Perry, Web Software Engineer

    Nate is somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades in the development world. He started his career working on .NET and soon learned Perl. From there, he continued on to iOS development and fell in love with Ruby.

    Since working at Ziftr, he has been putting all his knowledge to good use, along with consistently learning and growing. He has helped create web applications, APIs, an IE extension, and an iPad application for Ziftr.

    Nate loves the creative expression in software development and has a deep fondness for Studio Ghibli movies.

  • Eric London, Software Engineer

    Eric is a software engineer with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He has a background primarily in PHP and Ruby as well as other coding languages. He attended the University of New Hampshire and the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

    Eric manages Ziftr’s backend API and systems development and additionally works on LAMP development, Rails, Solr and systems integration. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, hiking and spending time with his wife and son.

  • Cy Tidd, Software Engineer

    Cy is a software engineer and digital artist with 16 years of experience and 8 programming languages under his belt. Even with all of this experience, he loves to constantly learn and master new technology. Cy attended New Hampshire Technical Institute where he studied Animation and Graphic Game Programming.

    Cy’s personal motto is "to put forth one's best effort or none at all," which holds true for all the work he continues to do for us at Ziftr.

    In his spare time he enjoys writing, hiking and trooping with the 501st Legion.

  • Justin Wilcox, Mobile Developer

    Coming from a background in successful start-ups, Justin seamlessly transitioned into Ziftr's fast-paced environment and hit the ground running. He’s been a mobile developer since the first days of mobile, when he worked on phones with black and white screens and helped develop the first ever multi-player cell phone game.

    We consider him the mobile mastermind behind Ziftr, as he is responsible for developing all Android and iOS applications.

    When he's not testing code on the plethora of tablets and smartphones in the office, Justin likes to play PC video games and enjoys the occasional outdoor adventure.

  • Jonathan Cooper-Ellis, Data Engineer

    Jonathan received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from UMASS Amherst and then went on to intern at Cloudera, a big data startup, before joining Ziftr.

    As a data engineer, Jonathan’s job is similar to a software engineer, though he focuses mainly on data processing.

    When he’s not in front of a computer, Jonathan likes watching hockey (especially the Bruins), playing with his dog and working with horses.

  • John Robertson, Systems Engineer

    John grew up in New Jersey and is currently pursuing his Associate Degree in Telecommunications at Penn Foster. His past experience includes working on radios and databases – and he was even a full-time EMT at one point.

    At Ziftr, John is a crucial component of the technology team, making sure that the Ziftr world stays afloat numerous projects.

    John is known for his sarcasm and loves debating anything from best movies to whether the PC is superior to the Mac. He’s also a ham radio enthusiast and a volunteer EMT.

  • Martha Kobus, Front-End Developer

    After living all over the world – Canada, Germany, Poland – Martha has spent the past eight years in New Hampshire, where she pursued an English Literature degree at the University of New Hampshire before deciding that web development was what she really wanted to do. She worked for Everything Farm before landing with the Ziftr team.

    At Ziftr, Martha uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to build and maintain websites, as well as create awesome user experiences. As the young Padawan, she loves learning new skills from the Jedi Masters of Programming at Ziftr.

    When she’s not developing websites, Martha enjoys photography, hiking, exploring NH, playing with her Mini Aussie rescue Makalu and learning new technologies.

  • Lawrence Cymbura, Front-End Developer

    Lawrence worked as a commercial photographer for over 10 years before making the switch to graphic design and web development. He received a degree in Web Design & Interactive Media from The New England Institute of Art and then worked as an Interactive Developer at Neoscape, a creative studio in Boston.

    As a front-end developer at Ziftr, Lawrence uses HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and XML to help update, manage and build websites. He's looking forward to learning additional coding languages and expanding his expertise.

    Outside the office, Lawrence enjoys playing music (he used to sing in a band and he plays a little guitar), going to concerts, working out and being outside whenever possible.

  • Stephen Morse, Software Engineer

    Stephen is currently enrolled in a dual degree program at Colby College and Dartmouth College, where he is majoring in Mathematics and Computer Engineering. His past experience includes interning at Colby College, where he worked on a piece of educational software known as CPU Sim. Additionally, Stephen wrote his honors thesis on Elliptic Curve Cryptography, the next generation of cryptography.

    Stephen has been a valuable addition to the Ziftr team, assisting the software engineers on various projects and researching and learning APIs.

    In his spare time, Stephen enjoys hiking, Frisbee and board games. Oh, and he’s a huge “Breaking Bad” fan.

  • Henry Phu, Software Engineer

    Henry received his Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and a Minor in Visual Arts from Boston University. During his studies, he began honing his expertise in game and web development.

    With a solid grasp on the ins and outs of software engineering, Henry came to Ziftr ready to dive into a number of projects. He works across the stack and automates tests to ensure code performance.

    Outside of the office, Henry’s interests include drawing and painting, table tennis, coding, writing and card games.

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Samantha Peterson, Director of Sales

    Samantha is an affiliate marketing veteran, bringing experience from both the advertiser and publishing sides. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing from Creighton University in Omaha, NE.

    Samantha brings her infectious “never quit” attitude and boundless energy to Ziftr, where she assists in the set-up and organization of affiliate network and advertiser partnerships as well as oversees social media growth and development.

    When she's not working, Samantha finds plenty of other ways to keep busy. In fact, she recently wrote a novel.

  • Tami Milbrandt, Director of Digital Marketing

    Tami has a background in online marketing and is a social media expert. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Colorado and is continuing to work toward her MBA.

    At Ziftr, Tami uses her excellent management skills and palpable passion to succeed to come up with the best solutions for every aspect of digital marketing.

    Tami’s energy and ambition extends outside the workplace, too. She has made an effort to go on one major adventure a year and thus far has skydived, swam with sharks and climbed two 14,000-foot mountains.

  • Christopher Cover, Digital Marketing Strategist

    Christopher is the backbone of the Ziftr marketing team, putting his varied skill set to use in a variety of different ways. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from the University of New Hampshire.

    Christopher manages numerous tasks at Ziftr, including digital content creation, marketing analytics and spreading the word about Ziftr to our users. He has recently expanded his skills into the design space and is constantly striving to learn more.

    When he’s not focused on creating media magic, Christopher likes to stay active with soccer, snowboarding and playing with his chocolate lab, Henry.

  • Joe Hampson, Graphic Designer

    Joe is a senior at the University of New Hampshire, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Management and Policy with a minor in Political Science.

    At Ziftr, he works closely with the marketing team, bringing his outside-the-box thinking and get-it-done attitude to a variety of different projects.

    Joe’s interests include alpine skiing, cycling, video games and craft beer.

  • Kaitlin Kilpatrick, Business Development

    After obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing from the University of New Hampshire, Kaitlin came to Ziftr armed with the necessary skills to take on a management role in many different departments.

    In fact, you can thank Kaitlin for building and maintaining the amazing Ziftr team. She’s the glue that holds the office together and the oil that keeps this machine running smoothly. Through managing HR and the hiring process, Kaitlin knows just how important company culture is and why applicants need to be entrepreneurial at heart. On any given day, Kaitlin will juggle tasks from marketing to HR to administration – all while keeping a smile on her face.

    When she is not keeping the office in line, Kaitlin enjoys training her puppy, Scotty, baking her famous “brookies” and hiking in her home state of New Hampshire.

  • Joelle Carlson, Sales & Marketing Associate

    Joelle brings an incredible heart for people and a winning attitude to her role at Ziftr. She received her Bachelor of Science in Communications with a minor in Spanish from Colorado Christian University, where she also worked for the Marketing & Development Department for more than two years.

    Shortly after joining the Ziftr team, Joelle established herself as the critical link between Sales and Marketing.

    Joelle was born and raised on a farm in Nebraska (complete with llamas and donkeys), which naturally makes her a Huskers football fan (Go Big Red)! She loves traveling, running, volleyball, hiking in the mountains and piano.

  • Jessica Weil, Copywriter

    Jessica has a strong background in both writing and marketing, having worked as a digital strategist at an award-winning advertising agency and a writer at a content marketing agency after receiving her Bachelor of Science in Magazine Journalism from Boston University. She has experience developing marketing strategies and writing a wide range of content for both B2C and B2B clients.

    At Ziftr, Jessica works closely with the marketing team to ensure that all copy is clear, compelling and consistent across various platforms.

    Jessica’s interests include reading (fiction and philosophy), horror movies, cross-stitching, baking, football (New England Patriots and fantasy football) and her 20-year-old cat, Mushy.

  • Michaela Wiggins, Digital Marketing Strategist

    Michaela received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Suffolk University in Boston, MA. During that time, she spent a semester studying at Regent's American College in London.

    With a background in creating and managing various digital strategies, Michaela transitioned seamlessly onto the Ziftr marketing team. She has found her niche in building thought leadership, social media and content strategies.

    Outside of the office, Michaela loves traveling, spending time with her family (most of the time) and working on her yoga skills one vinyasa at a time.

  • Megan Carrier, Digital Marketing Strategist & Web Designer

    Megan is a rising senior at Loyola University in Maryland, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration with concentrations in Information Systems and International Business. Before joining Ziftr, she spent five months living and studying in Spain.

    Megan serves as a link between data analytics and marketing, focusing much of her time on social media and reporting.

    Her personal interests include traveling, longboarding, running, fantasy football, photography, language/linguistics, the New Orleans Saints and the Boston Red Sox.

  • Chris Dunleavy, Digital Marketing Strategist

    Chris attended the University of New Hampshire, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with option in Marketing and Finance.

    He assists the Ziftr marketing team with a variety of essential tasks, such as developing social content across all platforms, growing the Ziftr brand, managing affiliate marketing programs, running analytics and reporting for high-level data and increasing organic traffic through SEO.

    Chris is an athlete at heart, with soccer and track being his main passions. He ran track and field at UNH, doing 100m/200m sprints, long jump and triple jump.

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